Bumps along the baking road...

Blueberry frosting why can't I make you perfect?!
I love the idea of blueberry frosting, it is my favorite fruit, but man this is not an easy buttercream. Granted, buttercreams are notoriously tricky, but this one takes the cake. Lesson here.... looked up and studied why frostings curdle and or seperate like this one had the nerve to do.... don't ever microwave butter to get it to "room temperature" it apparently doesn't work that way. Damn you baking and your lack of easy shortcuts. Also, I guess theres a reason recipes are in order. Ya can't add powdered sugar after liquids on certain frostings. Note to any home bakers....start off with to much powdered sugar when working with fruit puree. You can always add more teaspoons at a time to make it less sweet or thin it, but its hard to fix it to make it thicker or more sweet.
Seperated un pipeable frosting and all aside....this cupcake is definitley one I will continue to  make and fix. I want it ( or some version of it ) on my menu.
About the cupcake : It is a white cake with marscapone filling and blueberry buttercream.
Marscapone filling......OMG i could eat you for breakfast!!! I want to hug the person that invented this.

Vanilla Cake & Chocolate Buttercream.....WHAT HAPPENED?!
40 dollars and 4 heavy bags carried 6 blocks later.... I was READY to get on 2 new recipes. I had a newly purchased bottle of Pure Vanilla from Williams -Sonoma and the Magnolia Bakerys 5 star rated recipe for chocolate buttercream and was ready for some magnolia bakery style goodness. Yeah- that didn't happen. First lesson learned from my baking mission, if a recipe seems like the ratio of flour to every other ingrediant is wayyy to high, it probably is.  And your cake will probably be more like....say....flavorless white rocks of flour that need large amounts of  liquid to get it down. Yes, it was that bad. Lesson = Learned.

]The chocolate buttercream....WHAT HAPPENED?? Maybe I should have stopped at 1 1/2 cups of powdered sugar when the frosting looked all deliciously creamy and gooey, but no, being the magnolia bakery recipe, I soildered on to the whole 2 1/2 cups of powdered sugar (also b/c i used semi sweet baking chocolate and it wasnt sweet enough) the beating turned into a workout as the buttercream turned to butter CLAY. I frosted, occasionally giving it a hard stir to return to somewhat creamy, non lumpy form, and the first three looked pretty similar to Magnolia's (thats what the picture is) everything after that 3rd cake went downhill. So downhill that my I chose NOT to bring this to work , to co workers that will eat any sweets I bring. Well, I did bring ONE sole cake, and gave it (with a disclamer before chewing) to my GM and asked him, WHAT HAPPENED? The cake= enedible. The frosting= Fudge.....which hey, was pretty awesome and thought,  maybe I can swirl in some PB or raspberry , mold it into little squares (sans cake) and have.....homemade Fudge! Yum!

Oh, the second frosting to be thrown away so far....
I was really excited about blueberry frosting. It was going ok until I decided, it was to sweet and put a teaspoon of lemon juice in it, thinking, it would be good to have blueberry-lemon frosting on my lemon filled cupcakes. Not sure if thats why or not, but it infact curdled in my mixer....yuck.
Learning that frosting recipes are very easy to make up yourself, or to adjust someone elses to make it your own,  I am going to try out next week  a blueberry cream cheese frosting. This time on a white chocolate cake with marscapone filling. White chocolate blueberry cheesecake cupcakes? Why yes please.

** Update--- lemon OR lime juice (fresh or from a bottle) WILL make your frosting curdle. Woulda been nice to know that before I threw it in the frosting!!! It looked soooo pretty!

Blueberry Cobbler Cupcake!

 The quest for a cupcake containing blueberry shall continue....
Simmering Blueberries

Waiting for oven



Filling the cupcake...

Done! Yum time!
 Sometimes, when I bake, the end result makes you question your baking abilities. Well thank you cobbler cupcake, you did just that. Grr. Maybe it's because at 2 o'clock in the afternoon while browsing cupcakes online, I saw a picture of this cupcake at C- Cups Cupcakery (yes thats really the name, crazy ) it had a picture of a "blueberry cobbler" cupcake. Cinnamon stresuel cake with blueberry filling and vanilla - blueberry swirl frosting. Um, YUM? So I said, I can totally do this. Trip to the store for blueberries, call to my mom for advice on what frosting to use....done. 5 hours later I try one. There realllly good, but I definitley needed a set recipe . Not just yeah I'll throw this filling into this cupcake from a different recipe, with this random frosting on top.... it tastes good its just how it holds up. The fillings to heavy to hold in the cupcake, the stresuel sunk to the bottom, and its insanely sweet. The ones I put maple cream cheese frosting on are really good. The cream cheese makes it taste all "breakfasty" The vanilla buttercream (pictured) will be my go to vanilla buttercream recipe. Good texture , not to sweet, and vanilla - y. Yeah I make up my own words :)