Welcome to my blog!

This is an about me, an about my blog , an explanation of sorts..... :)
One of my favorite childhood memories , and I wish I had a picture- I'd post it...(mom?) , is of a birthday party, could have been anywhere from 7-11 yrs old, I need to ask my mom for exact details but it doesn't really matter because my most vivid memory is of a cake. It may be the very reason, the beginning of my baking obsession. My mom made a sunflower cake. It was so pretty and I remember thinking, how did she make it look like a sunflower?? Yellow and brown petals, I was amazed. And it was GOOD. Mom always made cakes, cookies, french toast, she made it look so easy (which I am now learning is NOT so easy, for me anyway). My mother Carolyn is pretty much the reason I love all things baking and who I aspire to hopefully bake like. Im just hoping that during this year of constant baking she doesnt getting tired of my many phone calls....how many teaspoons are in this? can i subsitute this for that? why did my frosting curdle? I'm not sure how she always knows the answers to my questions but she's better than any joy of baking book or cake bible out there. So thats the backstory of baking=love and a huge kudos to my favorite person (momma).

Anywho..... I started off with cake mix in a box (yikes! i didnt know any better!) then over the years realized from scratch isn't so scary and is worth the effort. I grew to love it and it was a hobby . While living in nyc  pursuing modeling & bartending, I realized I need to really put thought into a career after this. I love baking , sooo maybe be a baker? Hmm. Then I can't make my own recipes or decide what goes on the menu. Bummer.
One night of insomnia and an idea I mentioned to mi madre that she thought was actually a really good idea, I thought , I'm going for this! I'm going to open my own bakery. So I baked..... I tried every cupcake in this city (except you buttercup bakery...im coming !) watched a gozillion episodes of cupcake wars and then realized, um this is not easy. I need a stand mixer, cake thermomaters, flour sifters, and oh yeah, I need to be able to bake something so good you'd buy it. So I armed myself with the right tools, bought a few cookbooks and said, I'm giving myself a year (maybe more) to bake bake bake. Learn while I bake. Make things so good you'd not only buy it, but dream about it and come back again and again. So thats what I'm doing, thats what this blog is. An open diary of mess ups (i.e the curdled frosting) , awesome turn outs ( the  strawberry frosting) and the stress and fun of being a baker. Waistline.....I'm sorry :p

1) I'd love any comments/opinions/ideas/suggestions you may have. Good or bad. I know most of you can't taste them, but i'll try to post the best pictures I can.

2) I do infact realize I am a horrible speller and wish to God this had spell check so I didn't look like I failed 3rd grade (i mean, i totally won my 3rd grade spelling bee .....what happened?!?! :p )

3) Not sure if anyone reading this bakes at home at all, but I am going to add tid bits here and there that helped me or that I learned from messing up , if I can help someone by ruining a cupcake here and there, why not own it and help others?

4) Gotta mention my amazing boyfriend here too. He's been supportive of this random / crazy dream and is always sweet when I'm frustrated with a recipe or frosting gone wrong. Prob also pretty scared of this year long adventure (anyone seen julia & julia? lol) Thanks for giving opionions that i DO actually listen to , putting up with a messy kitchen and helping me so much already.....
Not that any boyfriend would really disapprove of a girlfriend making cupcakes 24/7 ;) love u caleb:)
he has a really cool blog too...... http://moontimemusic.blogspot.com/