Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Baking on hold....

     Well, as much as I LOVE baking..... it's gotta be put on hold for a bit.
In the meantime.... I like to look at what we baking lovers call "Cupcake Porn" lol.... i.e, martha stewarts website would be called, cupcake porn. I think it's cute and  funny :)

     I get caught up for a minimum of 45 mins each night looking at recipes, thinking of my next cupcake... and and I bookmark exciting recipes to make after my baking hiatus.  Not things I'd sell in my future bakery, as they are not my own, but def things I would enjoy eating! Or recipes I would adapt from and make my own to sell.  So I'm going to post these pictures of mouth watering desserts along with the link to the even if I cant make them ... you might appreciate a great recipe! Just make sure to tell me how it turns out , maybe post a pic so I can look and be jealous :p

1) Blackberry Pie Bars
From: The brown eyed baker ... i LOVE her site 

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